Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Forgive and forgot or so it goes
Well not really forgot
'cause everyone knows
More like the night before the project is due
Been there, done that...haven't you?
There are still some moments to scribble, right?
So late into this rainy night,
Is that a rooster I hear crow?
Is there still time? It must be so!
To concoct this cockamamie rhyme
Oh my god look at the time!
I will get to it, no doubt for sure
Get to it, get to it, I will endure!
But first there are things to do I must,
Get done, accomplish, you too I trust?
(Please insert your own list here:)
Things I “need to” or so I fear
Like sweeping the floors and oiling the doors
The list grows long of endless chores.
And time keeps on
And who do I think I'm

Call the bomb squad
I'm about to blow!
Red wire, green wire, maybe yellow?
Keystroke one
then keystroke two,
Look at me
without a clue.
I throw my fate upon the court
A fool's refuge of last resort
And ask of you if it seems fair
To forgive my poem of such despair?

-Paul Sanderson
February, 2015

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Push and Pull

I am invited to a party,
Will I go?
How will I fit
Who will I know
What will I do,
What will I do?!
Stand awkwardly
Joke defensively
Drink medicinally?
I think
too much,
Will I look good/bad
Will I over commit
Or under achieve?
Will it haunt me
When I view the highlight reel?
And will I pass the final judging:
My clothes
My hair
My breath
My humor
My intelligence
My god!
Shall I be the recipient of
My self-issued blue ribbon,
Or the much dreaded
Certificate of participation?

Monday, February 2, 2015

Outside Dog, Now in a Convenient Poem Form!

Saw just his head
Ears flopped
As he popped up above the road horizon
A canine whack-a-mole
Playing peek-a-boo.
He snatched a look of me
Talking on the phone in my truck by the roadside
Then he dropped back out of sight
on this Groundhog Day
(Although living in Hawaii,
He'll never see Punxsutawney Phil)
Maybe a shadowy mongoose predicting
Six more weeks of paradise?
A few minutes later
He runs the fence line fast and free:
I get a “woof”
He gets a smile,
His to-do list seems short,
Mine now has dog biscuits
At the top
With three stars.