Monday, April 29, 2013

Was It the Balloon?

It makes me sweat just thinking about it.
An origami of the spirit
Determines the way that we unfold,
And sitting still at the ravine today
I failed once again
To root it out
To see it clearly
An so then to become clear
Of the moment when thing went astray.
Was it the yellow balloon,
When the string slipped and burned,
Loosened from my faltering grip
And so did irretrievably fly
And shook my childish view
Of how thing are,
Shocked that here it is and then it’s gone
At no clear fault that I can find?
It vanished slowly into the vaulted sky
And played so merrily on the wind while
I traced it helplessly as it rose
And held my breath to save the memory
Of the joy of its buoyancy and its golden shine,
Until it joined into the sun
Until my eyes did tear then cry
For things such as these
We cannot keep
Except as anguish held so deep.

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