Sunday, April 21, 2013


Marvelous machines
Connecting the dots of islands
One thing we humans sometimes do well
We move
Land and air and water...
And so the bow
On temperate times
Allows us to peer into the near future
Perhaps at a distant coastline unknown
Drawing itself on the horizon,
And loosely of our choosing
Raw in potential perhaps
Challenging, unknown
Testing both our will and our suppleness
Islands of dark matter and unheard songs
And then from the stern
The ferry churns the sea and for a brief moment
We can see a path unspooled and trace
The trail of choices and influences and how we have steered
Perhaps we picked a safe course by buoy and lighthouse
Perhaps we ventured cautiously or  tempest tossed-hell bent
We went that way,
And you my friend
Were part of that
You swayed my way as I have done
To you, for you
The foam and bubbles
Settle in the distance.
A dolphin surfs among the ripples and swells
And plays the tide as it turns
The sun rises above a swath of clouds and just for a moment
Glints and beacons off his dorsal fin
And then he dips below into
The great greyness of this sea.
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