Friday, April 19, 2013

It Finds Its Way

The madness is maddening
And it finds its way into my day
My very being
My fists clenched
My breath shortened
Where is my safe retreat?
Why can’t I close my eyes
And be transported to
Where reality is soft
A better time
A time naïve
A time of safety and comfort
Where we held each other close
By arms and hearts
And were protected?
I would bring you with me
To that place
No random terror
No fear of the stranger
No place where children knew
Of bombs and guns or
Of the terror
That explodes in all
Our hearts.
These are the things
Of a new reality
A fearful future…
Where do we go to find
The new good
The good news
The new way that
Might yet still save the day?


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