Monday, November 14, 2016

I Hope So

I hope so…
Perhaps it is enough?

On that day there was a great sucking sensation
An unwitting flight into a new reality.
I was filled with such fear
That it drained me dry,
You too?
And the shock showed itself
Like the bottom of a pond
After the dam had broken
All desiccated ooze and mineral mud
Rare to the light
Hard on the eye.
And there seem no sense to it
No way to mend the vapor
No pumping of the hearts
Some so broken and failed
That they had lost their prime.
The impossible newness disoriented some
With its sound and its babble
Enraged some with its sight…
There were tears and
Eyes swollen and red with rage.
And only a few at first
Stood and stared
Stood in the day
New and real
And saw what it had made of them
And so they nodded and knew
They knew what was needed
They knew what must be done:
They needed to do more.

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