Thursday, November 17, 2016

Be Calm

Be calm and spend some time
In a place that lets you feel
Safe and comfortable.
You have my permission
To say “I have my permission.”
You know where your places are.
Mine is near the water
At the edge of possibilities.
It is also in the forest
Where oaks stand strong
Offering kind shade
And pines whisper their peaceful mantras.
It is in the garden where
Green life makes itself new every day.
It is feeding the birds
And watching them
Mindful of their industry
Joyful of their exquisiteness.
It is in a book or a story
That I might live in for a moment
Some so well written that
I cannot turn the page away from its beauty.
You have these places.
Go there now
And again
And take a friend with you if you can.
Be calm,
You may find a better way.
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