Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Stay

The nightmare is the first foolish step.
It is the frog folding his towel before stepping into
The slowly warming pot
It is the car careening with no working brakes
It is the emaciated bear on the melting ice flow
It is the child lost and bleeding
In the rubble of a once safe home.
It is choosing to be slovenly selfish
Lazy and stupid
It is the quick sand sucking,
Sucking at my feet
And it is the first foolish step
Which we choose to take
Every day.

And so

I close my eyes, to have a stay
Of all these things that have come my way
I blink and turn and seek anew
A different, better point of view
Erased but surely not ignored
The selfish hate which I abhor
I quest that you and I can find
A better stronger peace of mind
And look within where such resides
A common good found on all sides
And if such hope may have its day
We struggle less, we have the stay.

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