Friday, September 23, 2016

Foggy Glass

I see you seeing me
I have wiped the mirror
Or so it seems
The foggy glass still shows unevenly
Bending lost light through
Needing soap and scrapping
Looking for the wabi sabi
The truer reflection
Worn sculpted shaped eroded
Visions and revisions
Caught in this newer morning light
Bent and blended
Hidden identities are summoned:
They are
Charged and electric.

Friday, September 9, 2016

River in the Sky

Look up just now
And you might see
Catching your eye
As they did today mine
A massing of migrants
An assemblage of blackbirds
Winging by the hundreds and thousands
Schooling in a serpentine stream
Moving within an imperative dream
Flowing with an efficiency found in such unity
Wide as a river and miles and miles long
Drawn high aloft by imploring instincts
Defying death while affirming life
An avian stream
A river of life
Passing by in the sky.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Falling Down

Falling down has its upside
If you happen to roll over and look up
You may see what passes you by when
You are more normally squared to the ground.
There is the moon
In its comings or goings
Pale and ghostly blue
Dodging amongst the clouds
Which seem to sluice both north and south
Condensing and vaporizing
In a passing cycle-dance.
And then there was a tiny, downy feather
A lesser avian cloud
Donated by some passing Chickadee
Falling and rising
Pulsed by Brownian movement
With no sure destination
Moving into the great soupy sea
Of innumerable objects
Specks of dust so small
That may join and grow into sky spectacles  
Of storms and rainbows
Crossing the heavenly horizon
And finally beyond the eye
And into the realm of dreams.