Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hate and Love

You throw your shit
And some of it comes my way
Shame shame.
And bits of it stick
On heart and hands
Of the simple and the good
It is tarry-vile and it burns
Deep down near the core
(Is that your aim?)
Near where we dearly hold
Hope hope
And it is  so very hard
To wash it and be free.
Why why?
I do not understand
Why you are so cruel
With your tools of power
Running hot
Stirring and brewing hate.
And gut deep I am sorry
For these times of so much sorrow
As it is painful madness
This I know
This I see.

But I do not join you
No no
Will not can not
And so
 I stand against your loathsome course
(There is even a tear for you)
I am I am
Not weak with fear
But strong with love
As there are better futures
And so a better day
And as for me
I choose I choose
I choose to go that way.
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