Sunday, January 31, 2016

Chain, chain, chains

                   Chain, Chain, Chains

Igor Stravinsky says, "Art needs chains.”
Ya, like shackles, manacles, and handcuffs.
Fetter the better.
So to honor that idea
And to stretch it out,
I offer:
Ø A sunset colored from the eight color box of crayons.
Ø The Rites of Spring played on a comb and tissue paper.
Ø The three days of summer.
Ø A Harley with training wheels.
Ø A drive through sonata.
Ø Creation for under a dollar, or more “BANG” for your buck.
Ø A ten second love affair.
Do you have any others?
Like the three Marx brothers?
The Indianapolis 499?
Limitations are just fine
They discipline the random mind,
(And also create a working bind.)
And as for art, and rules, and me,
I’m sloppy
But I’m also free,
And chains are only binds you see,
With the lock and
With the key.

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