Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Toad Hole

Down in the toad hole
Is a good place to breathe,
Drawing in the strong darkness,
Living through the skin,
Celebrating the patient,
As if
It was always meant to be …

This place
Is a day past part way but
Not too far gone,
Just a bit removed,
Quantum slow,
Snowfall silent,
It is a vantage
From which both safety and uncertainty
Can be known.
It is a reptilian place,
A place to hunker-down.


Friday, December 18, 2015

This One’s for You

Ear ring guy pops open
the first Bud of the day from the 12 pack
On the trunk of a beat up Volvo
No pretense here
Beginning the numb down
At 10:15 AM.

John Walker and Sons and I are
Watching across the parking lot
Witnesses to a steady stream of congregants
Sacramentally tampering down the brewing tempest
Brown bags in hand
We keep our doubts and fears mostly private this morning
Except for our soft cries and
Our silent anguishes
As we wait vainly for our savior to arrive.
I hear he is coming
Sometime later this month...
Meanwhile there is always Bud.