Wednesday, September 2, 2015


The grass nods and sways
Bent by the plump pendulums of their prosperity

And small birds ride and forage
Springing and swaying at the seeded ends.
They fill the sky as they wing about,
More today
Than yesterday
They listen as they feed
To the Katydid's crescendos
They too gorge on the bounty
And sing their boundary song:
Soon, soon they signal
Of times coming when days will grow short
Can you hear it too?

Can you see the change in the light?
Golden early morning glimmers 
Off the dew draped orbs

photo by Virginia Levasseur

Spiders harvesting an orgy of insects
Eating the fat plump bodies, leaving
The stiff delicate wings to decorate their webs,
A warning few seem to heed.

All is taken as it is given
All living while they may,
As sweet ripeness fill guts
Energizing for their long journeys...

Can you smell the richness
Just before the rot?

The change will surely come
Soon enough,
Turn, turn
Soon enough.

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