Monday, June 29, 2015


We meet at the edge Honu,
Old ones who have just now crossed paths.
You have roamed the ocean
  many days and years
  swam and swam...
  so what do you know, Kumu?
-I watch and wait
  and smile-
To be strong and quiet and steady?
Such a marvel.
And to meet today for a lunch:
You some shoreline algae
Me an apple banana.
Both with sunshine on our backs
Both with our feet in the water.

What I know of you Honu,
  of your struggles and triumphs,
  is because you have the courage and the will
  to come to this shore
  and to share your wisdom and way.
-Sometimes you rest quietly in the warm sun
-Sometimes you paddle strong against the tide
and storms
-Sometimes you move with the greater flow.

I know of these ways too Honu,
And to see you today
  shows me this truth,
  reminds me of these lessons,
  refreshes me,
As I wait and watch and smile.
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