Tuesday, April 29, 2014

T-shirt Issues

What do you do
When you put your t-shirt on backwards?
Of all the times you’ve done such a common act,
It’s bound to happen
It’s a random occurrence
And though practice makes perfect
Errors do take place.
Don’t feel bad.
Some great things have happened randomly
Maybe even you or me
Check with mom and dad…
So even after checking for the tag
To orient front and back, sometimes
Some of you may be like me
A slight feeling of panic setting in
Neck in noose claustrophobia
Like a necktie (which makes me also wonder, why?)
So with the t on back-ass-ward
What do you do?
A little shimmy
A bit of twist and shout
It all works out.
So don’t let it put the first dent in your day,
Don’t see it as a moment of portent
But rather a moment for a wise
Course correction:
Better to laugh early at the folly.
Step in from to the mirror
Hit the reset button
Smile and repeat after me:
Really?  Really!
Sometimes I just crack me up!
Now about those miss-matched socks…


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