Monday, November 4, 2013


When you see hatred gather it up
And stuff it in the bottom of a paper bag.
You may need to tape the bag shut,
You may need to wear gloves.
Then hike out on your favorite trail
And stop at that beautiful place,
Maybe one overlooking a valley
Perhaps by a stream or a giant

You can do this alone, but
If it is your first time bring a trusted friend.
Sit quietly for a few minutes
Breathe in the peace and beauty,
Then carefully open the bag
And shred the hatred you have gathered
Into tiny-tiny pieces.
Try not to hate the hatred,
Just break in down, smaller and smaller
Look to see what it is made of,
Perhaps you will have a lucid moment.

At the right moment
Gather the pieces and offer them to the wind
Cast them high, cast them away.
A good breeze will dilute them
As you salute them with a goodbye smile.

Sometimes a Chickadee will stop and help.
They know what to do with hatred
They are not afraid.
After you are done you may want to sing
A song or splash in a nearby stream.
How else can you send hatred to a better place?
Does it burn?  Can you compost it?  Can the ocean
Wash it clean?
Ask the Chickadee, she may know.


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