Friday, May 3, 2013


My head-brain is not idle
I play with it daily
Hoping to keep that silly putty
Stretching and kneading it
Like the grey flesh matters
Reading, thinking, writing
Digging, hauling, dancing
As if I could say to it,
“What do you think of that?!
Try to make sense of this…
Check this out…”
The world of reality offers endless possibilities
Challenges to juggle
Balls bouncing plates spinning
And on many days I choose to play
So I try not to slough it off.
I’m in the game, because it’s fun
And I don’t want to lose my
To become undone
So I am always amazed at the misfires
In my cluttered cortex
Like writing my return address on an envelop
Where I no longer reside
Does it mean that I am at the
Top of the slide?
Because it seem that the
Only place where I am really home
The keys are hung within my head
And I sleep upon this body bed.
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