Thursday, May 2, 2013

One More Thing

And  just  one more thing…
Isn’t that what we all are hoping for
One more thing?
Not a life’s worth
Or a career, or a long term this or that
Just one more whoop-de-doo
One more lick of that chocolate ice cream cone…
Or a good beer and a burp or
A laugh out loud, 
I’ll take one of those…
Or maybe a tender tussle
With a soft sweet lady?
So today, I walked and crawled a bit
Through a lava tube cave
A few thousand feet in the dark
Seeing the intestines of the volcano
Now cooled, but so different
So foreign, so sweet.
And I turned off the flashlight
And slowly counted to 60
In darkness like before the Big Bang
Darkness that makes me want to
The light in your eyes
And mine.
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