Sunday, May 26, 2013

Finding Anger

It pisses me off
That I cannot find my way to anger
You know, screaming and cursing
Throwing and blowing
Off steam and venting a bit of loathing,
Found in all its familiar forms,
And that instead my default mode
Is forgiveness and understanding ala mode,
Not that these don’t have their place
In civilized society
But I’m not sure this is where this game
Is being played today.
And isn’t anger a wholly owned subsidiary
Of pain?
It’s listed on the misfortune 500…
And pain I have
Holy Jebus
Which by the way also pissing me off
Mainly because I am taking the blame
For bringing it upon myself
The sins of the my world,
When sometimes isn’t it your turn to step up
Take your cuts
And walk back to life’s dugout head hanging
Strike three, you’re out?
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