Sunday, April 7, 2013

Near...and Dear

What do you hold near?
Perhaps it on your bed stand wishing you
Good night, good day
Or on the window sill
Beaconing you to look up and out…
Do you keep it in your pocket?
That you might take a touch 
In moments of joy or need,
Or tucked away in a keepsake box so secretly
That only you can retrieve it?
Is it right outside your kitchen door?
Saluting you as you pass by,
Seeing it as it sees you
Chatting eye to eye.
Or is it on your bumper
Out there proud and provocative?
Might we see it slung around your neck
Pulsing with your beating heart
Or pierced or inked upon your skin
So you will not soon be apart.
And do such things speak to you
And speak for you as well
So found in your hearts registry
And sung aloud in harmony?

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