Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dwight in Des Moines

So what inspired you to travel to Iowa,
In the ice spitting days of early spring,
(Not much of a respite from snowy New Hampshire)
Long before the wheat swirls in the summer heat
And the corn pops upon the stalks?
Is it basketball… or
Wrestling?  The Nationals…?
Old grapplers and coaches
Love their sport…
Stepping down to the arena floor
To wish a buddy good luck, talk shop,
Or just to put your toe once more on the mat.

Or is it some other excuse
To scratch an itch,
A might have been,
That you have had
Since the days on Columbia Rd.
When you and Wayne Kuzman
Walked the back streets of our small town
Discussing the finer points of the single-leg take-down,
While crossing the double tracks that headed west
Out of Ohio,
And wonder silently just where they led?




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