Sunday, January 13, 2013


I am symmetrical
Born and raised
And so I favor and fall in with things
Like me,
Mirrored and balances.
When I shop it’s a six-pack of beer
And a dozen eggs
(No baker’s dozen for me)
The key is the division by two
That’s where I draw the line.
Oh there is romance to be found
In a single rose
And the solitary house at the end of the beach,
But look closely and I can see
The spiraling galaxies of petals and stars
Shining up and down on me.
Oddly, we symmetricals do not favor the uneven,
And secretly yearn to renew and reconnect
The orphaned sock or single soul.
The dissonant, the discordant
Make me search for higher harmonies.
And even the odd can be rendered even
With a prudent cut
Balancing by perception or by tool.
So if you take your measure of me
You will find a certain duality
That joins us both in heart and mind
A unity that we may find.
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