Friday, July 27, 2012

Life's a Beach

East group met yesterday for a field trip to Bluff Point in Groton, CT.  It is a beautiful spit of land bound by an estuary, beach, Long Island Sound and woodlands.  There Beth, out leader for the day, introduced us to the idea of cycles in nature.  Later we separated and found a place to "solo" sitting quietly by ourselves writing, sketching, etc. After about an hour we shared on the beach, comparing and contrasting how this activity inspired us.

Try it yourself.  Find a peaceful natural area, sit quietly and write or draw; you'll be glad you did. 

Seaside on a Boulder Bench

This place is new and will not stay
It’s changed a bit since yesterday
These rocks that formed by energy bound
Will move on soon without a sound
Then change again and be set free
Crossing space eternally.
Can you straddle the unseen line?
Where edges meet but undefined
This piece of “real” so well-conceived
Will trick the eye and so deceive.
I ponder both the there and then
I hope to know, but not sure when.

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Day After (Coming of Age)

Eyeing the helium balloons with puckered skin that drift at half mast
And the black bags of garbage which have erupted onto the ground and those
Half-Empty brew bottles that are being eyed by marauding yellow-jackets
A thought occurs
-Someone left the cake out in the rain-
An unknown dog meanders through making meaning of secret scents
And within earshot the sound of a truck backing, dolefully punctuates
The morning heat driven haze
Issuing a one note requiem
The flowers have gone south and are failing to flourish
Well on their way to the compost bin
Which stinks with the traces of a midnight skunk.
The beds lays damp with twisted sheets
Pleading for a reunion, as
Unsuccessful you find only the cap
To the aspirin bottle.
The cushion to an upright chair which serves as your temporary jester’s throne
Dampens and tattoos your slouching backside
As well as your outlook on this day
But only partially;
You are pondering:
Who’s car that is parked on the grass?
There will be no posted videos…
And vaguely considering
How I can do it again,
While wondering
If it is worth it?