Friday, April 6, 2012

Of Amber Sun and Gentle Waters.

Drawn sweet from your roots
My friend,
From the dark minerals and elementals you grow
Dark in the mysteries of your
Purpose and form
Secrets that serve you and that only you understand,
Study as I may.
I watch your sway and gently touch your limbs
And probe and boldly harvest
From you the sweetness flowing and renewing,
Glorifying your crown once again,
I tap you, selfishly seeking
Your essence, which I may
Only casually comprehend,
And collect you, thinking that I am more
The child drinking deeply than the parasite depleting,
And boil away the weakness and sullied
And drive the vapors wisping to return
And skim away the unclear foam
To drink the rendered nectar
Of amber sun and gentle waters.
From such a wishing well I
Drink and drink and savor
But still want more and more.
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