Wednesday, March 14, 2012


     ·         Always do the collars and cuffs first
     ·         A packet of Lipton onion soup mix makes a tasty meatloaf
·         Separate wash by colors
·         Ring twice, then hang up; we’ll call you back
·         A “Take Me Home to Mama” sign always gets you a ride.
Thank you and yes, I have managed to look decent most of the time and have eaten regularly. 
But what were your tips for love and friendship?
I know you meant to tell me, maybe for my 21st birthday?
And I’m sorry that I didn’t get your advice about
©       How to find a perfect (ok good) partner
©       How to be a good (ok decent) friend
©       And how to love myself, yes how?!
You were going to prime that pump weren’t you?
Something like

»        Do unto yourself like you would have others do to you
»        Don’t commit too soon, but commit wholeheartedly
»        Know your mistakes and learn from them
»        Be self-critical but not self-condemning
»        Be generous in forgiving yourself
I’m certain you were going to tell me…
Stuff like that would have been very useful.  Maybe more so
Than hints from Heloise.
P.S.  I never could get those creases straight, and then there was permanent press!

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