Sunday, December 18, 2011

The New Tide

It was the day when the tide
Both came in and
Went out simultaneously.
The sea kissed with its greedy tongue
And teased the shore with gifts from
Foreign lands and deep down places
While it also drew with grasping gulps
Of magnetic water translucent
Drawing off those that had stood for such certain time
On the high shores
And above the roar
Now raptured to a watery destiny
Perhaps tossed again far off
Perhaps swept relentlessly into the womb of return.
How could this be
-Such thirst and avarice
Such greatness and generosity-
Parallels that have strayed
From realities unfaltering course,
How could this be…?
It will take time, incalculable
To know this or forget
To bear up or abandon,
No simple shrug
No easy weave and comfort fit,
It will take some time
Harsh yet generous,
Ruthless and truthful in its way.

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