Monday, June 13, 2011

Australian Fly-About

Yvonne Sanderson’s latest collection of Australian aerial landscapes once again proves her photographic talent in knowing just when to push the shutter, a gift many aspire to but few achieve.

Her series, Australian Fly-About imaged in the Outback, has created a mesmerizing tour of ancient lands, dry and barren, interspersed with recent anachronistic floods. In this robust series of images she has blurred the edges of reality by distancing herself and rising above ground level point of view just enough to allow the mind’s eye to question the abstraction, while leaving the connecting forms of geology, water, air, distance and light to challenge the sensations of those things almost familiar.

Yvonne’s pallet of color, texture and shape satisfies and rewards the viewer’s eye, yet pleasantly creates the dissonances of distant dreams. The universal reality of these photographs lie somewhere between far-flung galaxies, measured in distance light years and the infinite beauty of a single simple cell.

Good on ya, mate!

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