Thursday, May 19, 2011

Damn It, I Was Led to Believe

I seek certain wisdom, solace, direction, refuge
From the ancient knowledge of nature
Scientific, spiritual, mystical yet practical,
But it is changing/rearranging
Too fast damn it,
“The new normal is constantly evolving”-she said.
Maybe this is not necessarily new,
(How we so easily forget or deny or ignore)
But there is an imperative to it, this new:
New seasons, drier and wetter
Things seen out our doors and
Moments thus far unimaginable
Colder and hotter, all clamoring about me at
A new speed, histories re-written
And complicit
I now need,
It necessitates a new discovery by me
Of the old wisdom
That has always been obtainable:
Of how to evolve and change
“So this is how it is now…”-she says.
There is hardly a moment
To catch your breath
On this new day.
I say.
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