Friday, April 22, 2011

April 22

I like people who like me, don’t you? 
Even one’s who like me for the “wrong” reasons
Such as:
They like me for reasons that are not good for me or
They like me for reasons that are not good for them.
Sound familiar? Ah the heartache…
Regardless, it get’s the juices flowing
And that’s what it’s all about,
The juices
Getting the right peptides locked into the appropriate receptors.
(OK, that actually sounds dirty doesn’t it? But true, either way!)
I once had a student, slightly spelling-challenged, who left a love note
That fell into my hands, plaintively asking,
“Do you lick me?”
Cutting right to the chase, or perhaps a Freudian slip?
Or at least a petticoat.
And despite the consequences, he will likely go a long way,
With a passing grade for chutzpa if not for spelling.
Being beings of largely juice, water mostly,
Requiring procreation,
Effrontery is essential
In order to keep the sap flowing
And even without our active knowing
We are living out our sweet design
And isn’t it just so divine?
Thanks for reading.
I hope you liked my poem, and if you did
I likely like you.
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