Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Invisible Man

Why am I at this bowling party? How did I get invited?
I don’t know anyone
I stand,
Too small to use a man’s ball
Damn puberty
Only balls that fit are pink…
The cool guys divide quickly:
Three cool jocks in lane one
Three more with cool hair and muscles in lane two
The five left?
Go figure it out.
I don’t know anyone.
Just dumped out front of the Bowl-o-Rama.

So the first guy writes his name
“All Pro”,
Others do the same.
“Can you use your names, I ask? I don’t
Know you…”
Hoping for an alley ally
I put my mark,
Bowler number five in
The loser’s lane, as
I sit in the plastic chairs
My skinny legs sticking out of my
Old church pants
I glance up, and when it is my turn
They skip right by me.

I am the invisible man

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