Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dry Warm Place

Is war all we know?
Cat and chicks seek their dry-warm places
On this damp-cool morning.
Cat crawls on a willing lap
Knowing that this sure safe spot
Requires claws to be withdrawn
Simple comfort and safety call for such concession.
The cat is willing, for a peaceful nap.
Chicks scuttle and scurry,
Peeps tumbling like little penguins,
Five, maybe three days old,
They already know that the hen
Will spread her wings and sit motionless
Offering the safety of her brood patch
Longer than she might like; she’s hungry…
But driven by some other greater desire
She gives
To save from harm these small lives.
Still seated
The lap and cat
Both gaining mutual warmth,
Sharing a quiet moment
Extending a meditation,
Breathing slowly, harmoniously
Watching the chicks and the morning
Perhaps knowing
That peace can happen in every moment.

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