Monday, February 7, 2011

My Man's Body

Growing up as a boy and then as a man
In a world of men
I sometimes wondered
When will I get my
“Man’s” body?
The image of a broad chest
Large biceps
Thick neck
Perhaps a bit of a gut over the belt?
When would that happen
Like it did for many other peers?
Now, past sixty, I know that
What I see is what I got;
Leaning towards the lean
A functional phenotype
No complaints.
I am lucky enough, very in fact
That what I have works
Given the traffic
Given the warranty has long expired.
…old enough to repaint… several times over
So now I am wondering when will I get
My old man’s body?
Some clues:
Grey chin hair, oddly contoured skin
With puckers and spots
Creases like an old cherished love letter.
Character time lines
Pages of personal history.
So maybe this time
Maybe in each coming time
I will just be the boy, the man, the old man,
That I am.
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