Friday, January 21, 2011

Anyway the Wind Blows

I’ve never been very good at long term planning.
More likely I’d be described as planktonic
-Any way the wind blows, doesn’t really matter-
Although truth be know it does matter
Because caring sometimes spawns success
And sometimes pain.
The New Year’s goals, the five year plan
Not so good.
Is this how it is for you?
My life’s achievements
Victories and success have been basically random
Walking in the casino of life, I’ve hit some jackpots,
And I am thankful.
I’d guess you might say that it’s important to be ready for the
Random opportunity
And luck seems to come into play
Flat out dumb luck...
I once got a job and kept it, not because I
Was especially good at it,
But because I had “the bluest eyes…”
Don’t ya know?
So how is it, to set a course?
To invoke willful choices?
Is it always this bumpy of a ride?

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