Monday, September 27, 2010

Hair Falls

When the last hair falls,
Will Jim rise up from the grave and walk the avenues of Paris?

When the last hair drops,
Will Pearl strut the streets of Texas with a bottle of Southern Comfort
Tucked in the waistband of her bell bottoms?

When the last hair swirls in the drain,
Will Jimi haunt the night electric down at the crossroads?

When the last hair blows,
Will John still imagine a time when we give peace a chance?

When the last hair falls,
Will there be another to take its place?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Enemy

Ok, let's declare the winners:
Our side or your side
We're the best
We have the biggest and most
Pat ourselves upon the back
And now turn to the work
And deal with the rest.

Our GNP has a cost
Our cars and food and toys
   have an expense
Cheap things
   aren't cheap.

Our standard of living
   isn't standard.

   we compete
   we defeat
   they retreat.

Poor and getting poorer
   sick and getting sicker
   we bring them war
   and leave them in pollution
Fed-up, but not fed.

Yes, we win
We are fat
They are thin.
But they deserve it
Because they are the enemy
And we fear them.