Friday, June 18, 2010

Out of the Blue

All the important events in life occur randomly.
Oh we attempt to schedule and plan
We wind clocks and “X” off days on kitten calendars
Hoping to put our stamp upon our course, and maybe that of others.
We carve our initials in tree trunks
And pile rocks on windswept ridges,
These things will stand for a time.
-But when sperm meets egg
When love meets love
And when we draw breath finally-
Such events are not driven by our choice, no
We are late comers to the long running game,
the fate less plan,
As if someone called out of the blue:
“I have tickets,
-The baby is sick-
Do you want them?”
There is an abandoned amusement to it, if you choose to
See it as such.
Moments memorable float in the sea of the mundane,
Chance is just so casual, of course, so
Smile, laugh and wait a second or two
The curtain is about to rise,
And look, this play stars
Me-and you.
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