Monday, June 28, 2010

My Celestial Bearings

We are reaching towards the summer sun
Its magical radiant magnetism draws us up
Zinnias screw ‘round in their party hats
Sunflowers crane and track
Potatoes stand on tiptoes supping
Snakes stretch prostrate on heated rocks
While turtles haul out in their Coney Island way.
I turn my cheeks
Both fore and aft
And tropistically adjust my celestial bearings
As if those beams might just charge and spark
My drawn down batteries.
Ah to be green photosynthetically keen
A sip of water and breath of air
And bask and bask the sun so fair
The whole planet is cocked and tipped on end
We wobble round, a top off-centered
This day, this June, the light, I swoon
We lean and stretch
Lusting and lapping each photon down
And after, glow both green and brown,
A blissful prayer we make to Ra and Rey
  Sustain us
    Maintain us
      Through night ‘til day.
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