Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Let It Go By

It’s a big dopey world.
Why doesn’t it make itself clear to us?
It has streaming oceans
Cacti strewn deserts
And grainy grassland.
So what does it want?
There are animals exotic
And waterways erotic
Floods, fires and volcanoes.
Pray how am I supposed to translate this
Into some meaningful message?
Where is the concordance?
Why do birds, sing and sing
Each passing day
And expect me to know just what they say?
There are seasons and lives
With chapters untranslated
Whispered in old talk and mumbled in new speak tied
In rooty knots so damn tight
My frustrated fingers soon fumble to
Loosen them from their amazement.
Do they laugh, it's so simple,
Turn the key
Come about and on by
Write it down
Not so hard
Not so hard
Let it go
Just let it go
Let it go
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