Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dream Suite and Sour

• Child dream

Soft and warm
Alone but with you
riding furrow and troughs
on an ocean placid embracing nurturing
As it is so it has always been
so it always will be.

• Man dream

Stubble and sinew
Making his claim
Setting his aim
He puts a stake in the ground
rising then falling then rising again
And dying a little each time
Dying and then rising again.

• Woman dream

Irrepressible, she draws near
And I am well confined-
Free, but only subtly
To dispute her but not refute her
My course is always altered by her approach.

• Anxious dream

I know it is wrong
My choice
my face
my place…
And in that way I am so shaken
And I wake to find the pain
Still resonates
And tests its way throughout my day
A pill or prayed will not decrease
And only time will give release?

• Day dream

A thought releases random views
Following an unknown muse
A collage of memories untold
Castles in the sky unfold
A loose stitch pulled the nap unraveled
A passage welcomed yet untraveled
A word , a notion, a memory
A sketch, a twist on yet to be
These travels evoke a passive smile
This reverie may reconcile.

• Morning dream

We are epic
The grand triumph
The challenge met
The sweet repast
The thoughtless get
And still you give me one more chance
To rise and toil
To sing to dance
And trod upon
This sacred ground
To engage in prayer
To issue sound
To sup a breath
And blink an eye
To live this life
With one more try.

• Wishful dream

The fool and the beggar met one day
And shared a thought each in their way
And spoke of what they’d like to see
And longed for a brief fantasy
For burdens taken from their door
For comfort‘s gift they did implore
And knew that these they would not see
But pleasured in such company.

• Walking Dream

A solitary man walks on a woodland trail
He has a moderate pace
Although it appears there is no clear destination
He stops to look upon the ground-
A leaf, a stick, some secret trace,
Has drawn him to this time this place?
And then he wanders to the side
And sits down on a fallen trunk
And gazes off to perhaps regard
A distant, private landscape.

• Dying Dream

I will not know until my day
My turn I’ll take
My pass away
I've hints that previewed deaths arrival
I’ve seen the struggle for soul survival…
And when the moment surely comes
Under yet determined circumstance
One wish I have for that fine day
I’d like it to be a gentle dance…
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