Sunday, February 15, 2009

Butter Bean Soup

Butter beans…
they look of lima beans, gag beans once upon a time,
But now good…
(how does that happen?!)
so now they are dropped into the cart
a jury of one has rendered its verdict.

"Chop fine, carrots, celery and onions"
The knife tills its way through…
"Does this look right?"
“I’m going to use chicken broth instead of water
do you mind?”
“It says ‘basil’ but there was none fresh at the store,
perhaps I will use the frozen cilantro?”

The fish splash in the nearby tank.

And “salt to taste”
Some like more than I,
but I cast the tie breaking vote:

The pot simmers
and soup silently cooks
the goodness of many
textures and tastes
creates and brews something new.

I could eat it right out of the pot,
who cares?
No, place a clean bowl and spoon
Napkin and glass,
a table for one,
Lets have some dignity and decorum.
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